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there's no room in this hell. there's no room in the next.

(before I pull this trigger.)

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I have a passion for black & white and macro photography, low-budget films, guys in bands, and people that can laugh at themselves.

♥: my chemical romance. alkaline trio. mindless self indulgence. panic! at the disco. the stone roses. the cure. bauhaus. modest mouse. kanye west. nine inch nails. fall out boy. HIM. iron maiden. franz ferdinand. electric six. depeche mode. oasis.

alcohol = my weekend, alkaline trizzle, anne ♥♥, ashley ♥♥, bakin bacon with macon, bar hoppin around, bat shaped belt buckles, being the living end, brutal romances!, bustin my moves, cheering for sweet revenge!, chemical romances!, dear die-ary:, fuzzy bunny rabbit slippers, geetard gerard, hangin out with corpses, kino ♥♥, late talks &early sunsets, lord matt skiba, lots of gratuitous violence, new church of satan, ridin in this hearse, satanists - as people, scoring free drinks, sex sexsex sex, sleeping for 15 hours, starbucks addicts annonymous, terrorizing thy neighbor, tight painted on pants, watercooler romances!, xtine ♥♥, zombies!!!!!!!!